Mother’s Day Musings

I decided that the best way to spend part of this Mother’s Day was to get in the garden to plant and harvest.  Yes, the comfrey is ready to harvest already.  As I was in the dirt I was contemplating all the mothers and babies whose lives have intersected with mine.  I was thinking of how we are all learning all the time and how our lives are enriched by our interactions with those around us when we can keep our hearts open.  I love that we all are evolving into the best versions of who we can be  in order to share that with our children.  I am constantly amazed at the amazing people my children have always been and continue to be.  They are some of my favorite people on the planet.  I wish that all parents could know that this deep relationship with their children is possible. Children are such great teachers. They stretch us in ways we never could have imagined.  They keep us honest if we encourage them to use their voices and if we are willing to really listen.  They keep us moving in directions we may not have chosen without them in our lives.  I am grateful for the path to midwifery, which has offered me the opportunity to seek balance in my own life and a way to share what I have learned with others as they walk the path to  parenthood.  I am grateful to all who have supported me on this path, especially my own parents, my husband and all of you who have let me walk with you on a bit of your own path.  Thank you!

Love, Heidi


Calendula seeds planted for this years mama/baby salve


Potent spring comfrey ready to go!