Ha! Loving this learning!

Last night, after a wonderful date with my husband made possible by the generous offering of a restaurant gift certificate from a client,  I stopped by the independent book store in town.  I was hoping to find something along the lines of  Entrepreneurship for Women’s Small Business in Health Services for Dummies.  Instead I walked out with Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity. I can hear those of you who know me well saying, “Of course you did!”.

This morning I found the answer to the question I posed in my last post; “How is it that I own a successful business?”  In the first few pages I found the following: “…authentic success—whether personal, professional or organizational—is usually only the by-product, the trailing indicator, of serving a mission that is bigger than yourself.”    That is EXACTLY how I find myself in this position.  I never set the goal for myself to own a business.  My goal has always been to serve others and the way I have found to do that is through midwifery.  I remember early in my apprenticeship telling my mentor that it felt as though I was remembering how to be a midwife rather than learning it.  I have since heard this sentiment from others in midwifery as well.  There has never been a question for me about whether this was what I was supposed to be doing.  It just IS.  There have been times when I would have liked to walk away to become that person who waters the flowers in the medians, or the person who delivers your organic milk to the door, or maybe the toll taker on the interstate, but midwifery has never let go of me and I wouldn’t really be good at any of those other things.  So, here I am, serving in the only way I know how.  I am excited to dive into this book and find what other treasures it will offer up.  I am grateful today for finding another validation for this crazy, circuitous path.

monk book pic


HeartSpace Grand Opening Event!


We had a fabulous time at our Grand Opening! It was wonderful to see our amazing families and meet some new friends! Thank you to everyone who joined the celebration. A special thank you to Café Deli-icious, Francesca’s and Beirute for the scrumptious snacks!

If you missed the Grand Opening…

We are delighted to announce that we will be open on Friday in conjunction with Troy Night Out from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. – Make sure to stop by and see Katherine Wright’s Photographs and a special documentary from Bhawin Suchak.

The Healing Power of Love


The HeartSpace midwives were honored to greet a very special little soul yesterday.  Baby girl Fallon joined her beautiful family after her mom worked with grace and amazing strength through labor.

Fallon has already given and received the gift of love many times over.  She is named after a person who has impacted her parents very deeply on their healing journey over the last year.  Her very existence is testament to the power of love to heal every body, every day.   Her mother’s commitment to herself and her baby through her choices surrounding Fallon’s birth have been yet another step on the road to healing mind, spirit and body.

Fallon reminds us once again why birth matters.  She is the embodiment of peace.  We have no doubt that she will continue to bring that peace and joy to her family as she grows into the ability to express the strength, compassion, and love of her namesake.  We are grateful to have met Fallon and her family as they joined the HeartSpace circle.  Thank you all!

Natural Family Festival 2012

We had a wonderful day at the Natural Family Festival. The best part, of course, was seeing some of “our heart” babies, both born and yet to come. We also met some really wonderful potential clients and had some great questions asked of us. It’s always so refreshing to peak with people who can ask the deeper questions. The question of the day goes to the 6 year old who knows that she will be a midwife one day. She asked Maureen, “How do you look professional?”

It’s All About Heart

Welcome to the women’s and childbirth support services of HeartSpace Midwifery, located in Troy, New York. Whether in your space or ours, we focus on empowering women through knowledge, experience and heart. The midwives & monitrices of HeartSpace Midwifery offer women and families a variety of services including; GYN, Holistic Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum support services, Homebirth Midwifery, Hospital Labor support and Lactation Counseling.

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